Rentals (One Time)

For those who want to rent Patriots Gateway Center for a one time event, please contact the office at about costs of renting and availability. Click here to view and download the "Facility Rental Form". Here are a few events people have planned:

  • Birthday party

  • Baby shower

  • Basketball party

  • Golf Center party

  • Bridal Shower

  • Wedding reception

  • Funeral/Repass meal

Rentals (Ongoing)

For those who want to rent at Patriots Gateway Center for a room or multiple rooms, including the gym or offices, please contact Acting Board Director Michael Thomas at for more information. The layout shows what space is available at Patriots. 

Patriots Gateway Community Center

615 S. 5th Street 

Rockford, IL 61104

​Tel: 815-967-0413

​Fax: 815-316-3024

"Reno Way"

Thank you to the City of Rockford for recognizing Roger Reno's contribution to Midtown and Patriots by giving Fifth Avenue the honorary designation of Reno Way.

Read about Roger Reno and his contribution to Patriots and the community