Patriots History

Patriots Gateway Community Center was started by the people of Zion Lutheran Church in 1995. Originally it was called Zion Gateway Center, a "gateway" to new opportunities. Zion Lutheran Church helped shape the values of Patriots as we continued to provide opportunities for success for the children and youth of 61104. Patriots was opened in 1998 and has served thousands and kids and families in the Rockford area. In 2002, the Patriots Golf Center was completed. From 2010-2013 we hosted the Rockford Charter School; from 2013-2017 we hosted the Easter Seals program. Our story continues...

Patriots Gateway Community Center

615 S. 5th Street 

Rockford, IL 61104

​Tel: 815-967-0413

​Fax: 815-316-3024   


"Reno Way"

Thank you to the City of Rockford for recognizing Roger Reno's contribution to Midtown and Patriots by giving Fifth Avenue the honorary designation of Reno Way.

Read about Roger Reno and his contribution to Patriots and the community