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"Reno Way"

Recognizing Roger Reno

Thank you to the City of Rockford and our own alderwoman Karen Elyea for recognizing Roger Reno's contribution to Mid-town and the community by giving 5th Avenue the honorary designation of Reno Way.

Roger Reno was a life-long Rockford resident.  He began his legal career in 1950 and became a partner at his father’s law firm Reno and Zahm.  Roger served as a board member of American Bank and Trust, which later became AMCORE.  He served as Chairman of AMCORE Financial Co for 10 years.


Athough Roger was very successful professionally, what is most significant about Roger is his investment in and his commitment to his community. He served on the boards of Swedish American, Rockford Children's Home and Keith Country Day School.  He was a generous donor to not for profits during his life time and continued that legacy, starting a foundation that has provided thousands of dollars in financial support for many not for profits in the Rockford community.  


Roger Reno had an office in the AMCORE building for over 30 years and developed a strong commitment to the Mid-town area. This commitment led to generous donations for not for profits in Mid-town.  His one-million donation was the catalyst that made the construction of Patriots’ possible. 


At the time of his donation an offer was made to name the building in his honor. Not one to seek recognition for contributions to his community, he declined.  We feel it is time to recognize Roger Reno as someone who has made a difference in the community and the neighborhood where he worked and contributed so generously.

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