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Patriots Rock Climbing Wall is a great opportunity to grow and challenge yourself to take on the task of climbing to the top. 

We welcome groups to come to Patriots for a climbing wall experience. Sign-up forms are available and there is a cost to your time on the wall. Please contact the center to learn more about a rock climbing wall adventure!

Climbing Wall

The Patriots Rock Climbing Wall is a certified auto-belay adventure based program that encourages children and youth to develop trust in their own abilities to look at challenges before them. Our certified staff have a yearly training and the auto-belay systems provides a secure experience for kids, youth and adults. 

There is a permission form for all kids to fill out and there is a registration form for adults. Groups can reserve the use of the wall and pay the cost for a staff to supervise a rock climbing wall event. Contact the office to reserve the space and time at Patriots or email for more information
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