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After School Care

Patriots' After School Care Program includes homework help, open recreation, arts & crafts, cooking, computer lab, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, gardening, and a nutritious snack. Open to kids 5-14 years of age. Must be pre-registered to attend. 

Rates: $85 per week per child. Partial Scholarship assistance may be available.

YWCA Child Care Solutions accepted. 

Summer Camp


Enjoy a safe, educational, fun filled summer. Weekly activities include: Tech Wizards, gardening, cooking, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, sports, computer lab, organized games, arts & crafts, and field trips. Snacks and lunches provided. Open to ages 5-12. Must be pre-registered. 



Patriots’ Amateur Boxing Program teaches participants boxing techniques,  discipline and the importance of settling differences through nonviolence and the code of conduct of amateur boxing. Boxing engages participants in physical training for building stamina, endurance, proper fitness. Youth do sit-ups, ring rotation, staying off of the ropes and shadow boxing. The youth train Monday, Wednesday and Thursday for 2-3 hours a day. 


Jimmy Goodman says “We’re trying to produce good citizens with character and integrity, not just boxers. In the culture of the streets, someone says something bad to you, you want to say something back and you want to fight. We are trying to change that for the youth in the program. The Boxing Program offers discipline and structure. If you are in our program and we’re teaching you how to box, you can’t use this (boxing skills) outside of our program or you will be disqualified. If you are trained to fight, someone picks a fight with you, and you know you can’t use what you have been taught, you maintain control. You learn that what someone else says doesn’t control you, you control yourself.”  ( Boxing has many teaching aspects for life skills.)

Patriots Boxing program is sponsored in part by United Way

Jr NBA Basketball


A developmental basketball program providing instruction in the fundamentals of basketball & sportsmanship, with the goal of having fun and developing life-long enjoyment through sports. Beginning and intermediate skill level. Teams are coed. Open to boys and girls ages 5-10

Register at Patriots now!

Ambassadors Traveling Team


Highly competitive teams, geared toward developing strong basketball skills while maintain positive academic standards, qualities that could eventually lead to basketball scholarships for the participants.

The teams focus on developing discipline,  building skills, mentoring, character building, and academics.

These highly competitive teams work to  develop skills that  help youth prepare for middle school, high school and college teams. Open to ages Kindergarten through 11th grade

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