March 15, 2021


Dear Friends of Patriots,


Patriots Gateway Community Center continues to “move forward” serving hundreds of children and youth at our center through several programs you have supported. That is why the board approved in February the 2021 Moving Forward campaign.

Our goal in this campaign at Patriots is to complete the property debt retirement. We are working to raise $300,000 toward the complete debt retirement of our original building mortgage cost. We are Moving Forward with program partners who provide enough income to cover the building expenses and operations. We are Moving Forward with grants and gifts that cover the expenses of our programs and activities. However, over the past three years, we have not been able to pay our monthly needed $14,000 minimum mortgage payments. Our lender has been very patient with us, but we need to come up with an alternative plan to move forward.

That is why we are planning, with your help, to retire our entire indebtedness and mortgage at Patriots by May 28, 2021.


We already have a committed gift from Zion Lutheran Church of $100,000 toward that $300,000 goal. We are Moving Forward with our partners to provide incredible services to hundreds of teenagers. This includes the Innovative Learning Center and Youth Services Network. We are grateful to be the host of the new 815Alive program that provides all day remote learning to teenagers.  We are Moving Forward with those who donated to upgrade our WI-FI at Patriots. As we started our remote learning program, we realized our WI-FI was only at 75bps. With several donations, we were able to upgrade to 1 gig/ps and purchased the needed equipment and installed our wireless hotspots in several locations.

Please mail a check to Patriots and mark "Moving Forward" on the envelope

or donate online to the 2021 Moving Forward campaign.

Thank you for your consideration of helping us to “move forward” at Patriots!



Pastor Michael Thomas, Interim Executive Director

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